Stanford’s Word Bank

Wordbank is an open database for storing information about children’s vocabulary growth.

Wordbank is approved by the MB-CDI advisory board, and is a project of the Stanford Language and Cognition Lab, PI Michael C. Frank. Contributors include Dan Yurovsky, Virginia Marchman, Ranjay Krishna, Mika Braginsky, and Benji Nguyen.

Wordbank archives data from the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory (MB-CDI), a family of parent-report questionnaires. The Wordbank database enables researchers to recover data filtered by source, age, gender, word, and a host of other variables, enabling simple export of plain-text data for further analysis.

Wordbank also includes a number of reports based on recent research on children’s vocabulary: see how children’s vocabulary grows and changes across early childhood.

Wordbank is open access! The graphical search interface is currently under construction, but see this tutorial to start using R to analyze the data today.

And, there’s R-code for accessing  it:

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