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Gestures recruit interpersonal word-search

Goodwin, M. H. & Goodwin, C. (1986). Gesture and coparticipation in the activity of searching for a word. Semiotica, 62, 51-75.

Goodwin and Goodwin argue that word searches are not a speaker-only task. Instead, speakers indicate that word searches are active, and make bids to listeners to help resolve the lexical access difficulty–through extended pauses, filled pauses, a “thinking face” facial expression, and movements of the hands. They provide some detailed analyses of a few utterances to illustrate this concert of non-verbal signalling.

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Why study gestures?

Kendon, A. (1986). Some reasons for studying gesture. Semiotica, 62, 3–28. doi: 10.1515/semi.1986.62.1-2.3

Kendon provides us with a) some history on academia’s lack of focus on gestures, b) a working definition of gesture based in what listener’s are sensitive to in the visual stream of speakers, c) a brief taxonomy of gesture kinds, d) a brief tour of cross-cultural work in gesture, and e) an argument that gestures may be an important window into the psychological underpinnings of communication while warning that we should not forget that we employ gestures in communicative acts.

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